Brittney Darner // Pierside

It's been nearly two months since I last posted, and one since I took these photos.  We all get into creative ruts, I've definitely hit mine.  Feeling less motivated to shoot & more motivated to create with my hands lately.  As long as the creativity is coming out somewhere, I'm happy.

On an unrelated note, these photos were from a fun little shoot with Brittney before she left Florida for my former northern city, Boston.  It's been a pleasure getting to know this ball of sunshine & I can't wait to reunite with her on a different adventure.


Hoku for Novel Swim

Model // Hokulanii (@hashtaghoku)
Photography // Stacey Lamb
Swimsuit Halter Top // Novel Swim (@novelswim)
Pants // Model's Own
Bracelets // Made by Slamb

Last weekend, I frolicked through the forest barefoot and spent half my time laying in a hammock at Suwanee Music Park.  Purple Hatter's Ball was beautiful & it was a blessing to be back in the land of magical moss trees away from electronics and responsibilities.

The only responsibility I carried for myself, was the pleasure of shooting for Novel Swim.  When their designer contacted me a month ago, I was stoked.  Brooklyn based designer Laura Rosenbaum created a beautiful line of suits, specifically for a girl on the move.  In this case, her black halter top was perfect for a music festival in the woods.  She has officially created the perfect swimsuits for every occasion.  I can't wait to until the line is officially launched and I can get my hands on my very own.

Hoku has been a good friend of mine for years; she's a total babe.  The strange thing is, we've only shot once together before on a whim.  Shooting with her was funny--with hangover induced giggles, I was nervous we weren't going to get the shot.  Either we're both getting better or there was magic in the air, because we definitely got the shot..and some.

Stay tuned for more shoots with Novel Swim--really showcasing life in the sunshine state.


Brittany Davey for Passive Juice Motel 3/3

Model // Brittany Davey @brittwavey
Styling and Photography // Stacey Lamb
A World of Wizard's Tank // Passive Juice Motel
Board Shorts // Phantom
Shoes // Vans
Bracelets // Pura Vida Bracelets

Part 3/3 of my shoot with Brittany.  Palm Trees, wild flowers, board shorts, graphic tees and Capri Sun--the perfect recipe for a Florida summer.